Fishing reels for all purposes.

The fishing reel market to day is huge. Its enormous and overwhelming. There are in 2021 more than 1.6 million different kinds of fishing reels out there, and who would expect anyone to find the right fishing reel for the right purpose? It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Confused?

No wonder!

That’s the reason are here. We do not design or produce fishing reels our self, but we rate them for you, in order for you to figure out which one fits you and your type of fishing. 

Spinning Fishing Reels

Piscifun spinning reels

The spinning reel is probably the most used and the most popular type of fishing reel in the world. The unique thing about spinning reels is, that they connect to the rod from below, and you have a great balance in your rod. This provides a natural holding position but also allows you to achieve a good and steady balance when casting. Speaking of, casting with a spinning reel is very easy!

Kids starting out fishing with this kind of fishing reels may need a little practice. But once the technic settles in, fishing with spinning fishing reels is hassle-free and an easy-going task for even the smallest boys or girls.

Bait casting Fishing Reels

Fly fishing reels

Baitcasting is the term used when you use a bait reel to cast a fishing rod. The baitcasting reel is called a multiplier wheel. The bait reel is located on the top of the rod, so the spool is parallel to the rod, not perpendicular. It rotates upside down to operate the crank when fishing or taking the rope. However, in practice, most anglers prefer to retrieve it by simply transferring the rod to the left hand, then winding the crank handle in reverse, keeping the spool on the top of the rod for casting and retrieval. These reels usually use complex star or lever drags to play huge saltwater game fish.

Fly fishing reels

Fly fishing reels

Fly is a kind of artificial bait, usually made of fur, feathers, and synthetic materials. These materials are tied to hooks to mimic the size, shape, and color of the food forms that fish depend on. Some people also try to trigger the fish’s predatory response. The fly-fishing reel is single-acting, which means that one rotation of the handle can make the spool one rotation. The single-acting flywheel can indeed keep you in contact with the fish in battle, resulting in a more intimate experience.

Conventional fishing reels

Conventional reels are made for catching big, firm fish in rough conditions where other reels won’t stand up to the strain. Their level-wind line retrieves combined with a high amount of line storage set them apart from other types of reels for deep saltwater applications. The best ones are an unusual combination of acceleration, durability, and ruggedness, some yet combined with a little bling constituent.